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a fEwoRdS

well, we started as a band just a few months back only. we're just kinda have fun types u know. make our own music, express our inner feelings through words in rythm. we're just some normal guys just wanting to sing along in the crowd, and if possible play along as well. we're all fun loving criminals isn't it, hehe, yes we are. amm and we've placed some information about the band and its members, actually this site itself is just for fun, so betta not take it too seriously.

not ready!!!

aboUt us

On this page i have placed some information about the band its members and what do they do. and where we are from and a few bits about us. well frens if you just want to have a look at this page then only you'd get to know about us............


On top of things about me and my band mates i have  placed some snaps of our band and friends which is on the photo page. Although they are not so great looking pictures, better have a look at them. So you would get to know who is who ??? isn't that rit frenz>>>>


Please do not forget to sign my guest book that is if you are not inna hurry. Other wise do mail me guys, coz I know who will be seeing this site, meh dear mates only rit, lala enjoy it................

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