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a poEt's viEw

land of peAce by me

Land of peace:

Searching for freedom

Came upon this land

Where the sun & moon

Is a sign of wisdom

Many stories have I heard

Different memories have I thought

Finally when I made it there

I saw a different world

The flag of glory

Was torn apart

By the quarrels in between

Our own brothers

Suffering people did I see

With my eyes I couldn't believe

The worm that's eating

That world from beneath

The so called Maoists

Have I seen

Making our own country

A hell to live in

Far beyond my eyes could see

I saw a different future for this tree

A tree with no leaves

Coz  of fear and insanity

Sad is my eyes

When I see this

Worthless is my venture

For a world of peace

Children stay home

Getting scared to play

Nobody here knows

What comes may ?

Enough says my ears

When I hear them say

Help me! Help me!

I'm just a child today

Fathers being forced

To join the rebel

Mothers and daughters

Beaten and raped

And that also only

In those remote places

Ooh is this the land of

So called peace!

But our Nepal! hehe

Still as famous as it was

As a small and beautiful 

land Of peace!!!










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