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kEEp iN toUch n sMiLe

our first public appearance:::

Well going out into the crowd was kinda like nervous break down u know. But after a few deep breaths, I started to feel the rhythm, the josh as we call it inside me, and then we really clicked on. The best part was the second song, parkhai ko pida the first one was good  as well sansarko. Yeah that was all in maidstone, and i've placed pics from that night also, with Nima rumba, Sudeep grg from Aastha, there were other new rising stars like Deepak grg, and everyone, well that was it our first night with the crowd, and it was kinda fun in a way......

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Peace out guys n gals, have fun, enjoy your life, enjoy everything, life is an unpolished diamond, learn n earn to make it shine........