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aBoUT uSsss


our band members are:

guitar1/vocal:b iGeNdRa G.

guitar2/vocal:lOkEndRa G.

drums/vocal: nIsAF G.

keyboard/harmonica: buDDA G.

bass/vocal: b J R.

voCal: NaBiN G.

well these are our band members, we're from london, like four of them nisaf, budda, lok(pradip), bj bro, they're from wembly. and bigendra is from burnt oak, and me nabin from chelsea. and the reason behind our band's name is that we're all friends, we didn't knew we were going to form a band, we didn't knew nothing, but when that thing hit our minds, we decided to keep our band's name 'frenzband'. thats how we got that name. and yes we had our first performance live in maidstone in the occassion of loshar, amm it wasn't that good but they loved it even though with some technical difficulties. but hey thats how we are n our muzik is, jabar jasti hit, hehe. just kiddin guys, we're true to our music, i write songs and my band mates kicks it in with a melody. we're all learning the trade, n taking our talents more n more further. lets see how we'll do in the future.


all our band mates they have their own stories, some of us met in school, some of us after school, and some of us are cousins only. Yes we were from different tracks, but now we have started being together as a group n learned to walk the same path. Before we used to have our own ways like when we were in nepal, budda n bigen they were from samakushi, pradip n b j bro from chakrapath, nisaf from dhumbarahi, and me nabin from lazimpat............................


Well, there is a mixed culture of muzik in our band, one might like pop/folk music, whereas one might like rock n hiphop, as an alternative. And one may like some different type of music, but when it comes to performing we try to combine it within and bring a new flavor our own one. But for our musicwe are into rock flavor, coz we like to rock n roll, I like to hear classic rock melodies, ahh man they are the real songs of rock era, anyway I like rock music that's all, and yeah sports as well, we have a football team, its improving on, hope we'd win a cup one day, hehe.




On behalf of our band, we would like to thank each and everyone of our families and friends who helped us on our way to form a band since the day that idea hit our minds.. You've been supportive and helpful in each and every manner, we are very much obliged and happy to have you all by our side. We love you all, and god bless you all, dear people we love u all..........................

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